Monday, March 7, 2011

بتحبها ولا... بتفكرك بيا؟

Trying to keep up with news of my country is like watching an action thriller that doesn't want to end. I'm getting more and more frustrated everyday with how far I am. I'm getting more and more sick everyday with how people are judging me for voicing out my opinion (that they disagree with) under the pretext that my opinions are being said in indecent manners (because I am constantly criticizing and HARSHLY most of the ex regime members).

I won't get into that now.. all water under the bridge..! (maybe)

I'm so frustrated with how some people seem too scared of change to a point that they cease to believe what is right there in front of their eyes. Those defending Mubarak or Shafik and those who constantly BLAME the protestors for everything that has gone wrong with the country since the start of the revolution.

First... Mubarak drained the country out of everything he could've possibly drained. How can ANYONE feel gratitude towards the man who blessed the escape of Mamdouh Ismail? How can they feel sad for the departure of the president who allowed 40% of his citizens to live below the poverty line?   How could they have believed his pleas to think of him as a father when the very next day he allowed the murder of his "sons & daughters"? I shall quote blogger Sandmonkey when he said "A good father doesnt steal from his kids, doesnt abuse them, doesnt deny them their dreams & aspirations. He sacrifices for them" Surely nothing that Mubarak has ever done.

Second... Shafik was the most incompetent person I have ever heard speak in my life. So what if he built a fancy airport (not to mention that 99% some other less famous engineers came up with the entire plan and he took credit for their work) that doesn't even compare to REAL airports such as Berlin's Tegel, London's Heathrow, New York's JFK or Singapore Chagi... What does this have to do with him becoming Egypt's PM during the most critical time in the history of Egypt since possibly 1952? It pisses me off to be DEAD SURE that the reason of the fascination with Shafik is all superficial reasons such as him being a fellow elitist of his admirers, with his english words, classy suits and snobbish attitude. During the infamous debate with author Alaa El Aswani, Shafik proved to the world he has no freaking clue about ANYTHING that is going on in the country. He was in his seat for an entire month but managed to reach ZERO progress, had ZERO updates and as I can safely say went into the office and acted pretty. Goodness grief!! What happened to people?! How can anyone fail to see that? 

Third, the new broken record blaming protestors to have ruined the country, damaged the economy, created chaos is just down right horrifying. If you ask me.. this is not a simple case of stockholm syndrome or a mass wave of panic attack.. This is the result of what Mubarak's regime has done to Egyptians over the past 30 years. Some people are just blocking the concept of change.. their immune system is aggressively fighting against the idea of getting back ALL their rights. They just want to settle for the least. To prove so.. during the revolution when Mubarak gave his 1st speech they were like "enough.. this is more than we could've hoped for" as he promised to step down in 6 months & not 2 let his son run... Protestors pushed for more & so came Mubarak's second speech... "Enough... what else do you want him to do, the man wants to die in his country" as he delegated his powers to Omar Silly-man & changed the cabinet! Protestors pushed for more & so came Sillyman's speech... "Enough let's leave Tahrir we got what we asked for" as Mubarak stepped down and they became "we" all of a sudden taking credit for efforts they did nothing but oppose. Protestors pushed for more.. Adly, Ezz, Garana, Maghraby, Abo El Eneen, THE MUBARAKS and others are either under investigations for corruption or actually jailed and the constitution will be redrafted... "Enough... you are taking it too far the corrupt people are under trial" but the protestors pushed for even more.. Shafik was removed, elections will be held with national IDs and a new PM chosen by the PROTESTORS IN TAHRIR was assigned the job.. but still we heard the "ENOUGH.. GO HOME.. YOU RUINED THE COUNTRY" and the protestors may god bless them pushed for more and took down STATE SECURITY which has long terrorized ALL OF US and will continue to push till they guarantee that every single demand of theirs in the aim of creating a democratic free safe country is met.

I ask you this.. who is more likely to ruin the country? If we had followed the passive citizens who are only seeing the empty half of the cup asking us to let go of our dreams and not fight for our futures or the protestors who can see the big picture and are fighting 4 the rights of the entire country whether the rest of the Egyptians realize that or not? Isn't everyone going to enjoy freedom of speech, democracy, healthy political lives, safety and equal opportunities of growth or will it be limited to the protestors? 

A friend of mine reminded me of George Orwell's 1984.. I find those people very reminiscent of the people of Oceania.. those who feel the need of a state security or "Thought Police"/"Ministry of Truth"... that has caused nothing but pain and grief to fellow Egyptians.. Those who defend and fight for the regime that has long oppressed their nation such as Mubarak or "Big Brother".

"Never again will you be capable of ordinary human feeling. Everything will be dead inside you. Never again will you be capable of love, or friendship, or joy of living, or laughter, or curiosity, or courage, or integrity. You will be hollow. We shall squeeze you empty and then we shall fill you with ourselves."
George Orwell, 1984.


  1. I love the post....It is really funny how some of the Egyptian people are too blinded by the oppression we've been used to that they choose to blame everything on Protesters and every time a new victory is reached they find a way to translate it into a negative act!

    In my own humble opinion, I find that most of these people have been happy with their lives because they have not been deprived a lot of things; they had connections, were living in a middle or upper-class social standard, had good education...etc. So you can't really blame them for wanting their stability back, it is sad but they have been ignorant, living in their own bubble and not very aware of what's out there or they have not been raised to care!

    I say you can not blame them, because the ignorance has been a crucial part of the old Regime.

    See this post for instance: "yel3an abo 2omek ya masr....yedereb 3alya naar fee nafa2 el azhar !!! Kol matale3 kobry october ba2et manazel !!! El baltageya fee kol 7etta !!! Banat 2odam 3eeny ye5abatolhom 3ala ezzaz el 3arabeya we ye7awlo yefta7o el beban !!! We feen el geesh elly mesh fal7een te2olo 2eed wa7da we 5ara 3ala demaghkom !!! El nas elly lesa betenzel el ta7reer...FUCK U ALL"

    As if the lack of security and police in the country is to be blamed on the Ta7rir protesters....ya3nee bgd how funny?

    I am trying very HARD to compose myself and control my temper because I do not want to be called "un-democratic" for refusing to accept the other opinion so I will stop typing right now.

  2. Rana thank u for ur elaborate comment.. I agree with u en these people have been living in their own bubble and they just want their stability back and of course u can't blame them for THAT..

    However, you CAN blame them for being selfish and not wanting to give a chance for the less fortunate to come out of their shells in which the ex regime has long trapped them and to have a better chance in a better quality of life.. ya3ny mayenfa3sh ne2ool en they are ignorant fa khalas la2en if they "were" ignorant before the 25th of jan I believe now they are well aware of everything.. yemken!

    Also the post u shared shows nothing more but and excuse my language... STUPIDITY on the part of the writer... why? la2en the lack of security we have reached is due to the actions of the ex regime who has allowed the escape of prisoners AND withdrew the police force leaving Egyptians as prey to whoever wishes to feast on.. And this EXACTLY the reason the protestors in Tahrir are viciously fighting until this day to guarantee that in the future such actions would never take place.

    I would finally like to say eno by disagreeing wth the "other opinion" does not make u undemocratic.. and if anyone has a problem with that they can bang their heads in the closest wall cuz its UR opinion that u are a 100% entitled to :)