Tuesday, February 15, 2011

في كل شارع في بلادي صوت الحرية بينادي

It’s about time I wrote this blog. Even though I will not be adding anything new to what has been said, analyzed or expressed over the past 3 days… Oh I just realized it’s already the 14th! Wow! I have let this drag on for almost 4 days without sitting down and emptying my feelings into my bubble of thoughts! I will not be going on and on about Mubarak & his regime as we already turned that page.

I’m not even sure where to start! It’s been such an emotional rollercoaster for all Egyptians and I could even confidently say Arabs over the past 20 days. It still feels surreal to me! Too many changes to digest especially that I have been watching it all happen from afar. Well, not entirely as I think I participated in as much efforts as I could from where I am but definitely would not compare myself to our heroes who were actually there in Egypt, on the ground, whether they were in Tahrir square, Alexandria, Suez, Tanta or any other city.

I think the denial or more likely, disbelief phase will wear out soon. It just crazy because I was one of the people who prior to jan25 thought that its going to be another failed attempt, a one day show, and I guess I made my opinions clear in my blog post about my email exchanges with Wael Ghoneim back when I didn’t even KNOW who he was. And in only a mere 18 days, the time frame that someone would spend touring around Europe for example! We drastically changed our country’s future TO THE BETTER.

I am proud of the Egyptian people, I am proud of us, as we have shown the world that this image of us being cattle led by Mubarak & his men could easily be torn down. The conception the old regime (God I enjoy saying it) always manifested in the world’s heads that we are an uncivilized nation that needs to be ruled with an iron fist to be controlled was a fake misleading front that enabled to hold on to power. As CNN said, we are the nation that revolts and then cleans up after itself.

Yet I cant help but wonder what’s next for us? I find it hard to cope with the idea that we are free because we’ve been caged in for so long.  I am not used to this concept of democracy and freedom of speech. It is so strange that now there are no limits to what we can do. The future of Egypt is ours to build. How will be do that? Who will be the key players of the next phase? It is such an exciting part of history and I am more than blessed to be part of it and I plan on being a vital part and not just someone who lays back and watches.

Egyptians we are out of excuses now. There are no second chances after this one. We can no longer slack at work thinking our work is not important in the building process anymore. We can no longer disrespect each other because our opinions are bottled up anymore. We can no longer sexually harass one another down the streets because we have no shame anymore. We can longer litter or pay bribes or crowd or not follow laws and rules anymore. We changed the government, now it is time to change ourselves, balancing the equation.

This was an all youth movement; youth are the building blocks of the future. So I say we dedicated this revolution to our children. We have paved the way for them to come into a free country. To be born into a democratic Egypt where their voices & opinions are what will make this country what it should be. We fought this fight for them. I did not want my kids to have friends who get murdered in the middle of the street by policemen. I did not want my kids to think that anyone who goes into a police station will probably get sodomized. I did not want my kids to think and rethink every single word they posted on their Facebooks & Twitters. I most certainly did not want my kids to feel like they were 2nd class citizens of the world. Now I am certain they will raise their heads up high knowing they are blessed to be Egyptian.

But for the youth who are no longer with us.. looking over us and smiling at the future they paved for us.. I dedicate this song: Ba7ebek Ya Belady


  1. So so beautiful Farah my dear. If I could vote in Egypt, you'd get mine :)

  2. Thanks guys!

    Banana =) If I ever reach a position where ppl r voting 4 me... be certain that we need another revolution!