Friday, February 11, 2011

هتقولي امشي مش هامشي! هتجبلي حد يقولي امشي مابمشيش

This blog post is solely for historical records..

Yesterday the Egyptian people got punked! Seriously! I kept expecting someone to point out the hidden camera and ask me if I want to air or not!

Mubarak, being a sneaky heir of Slytherin (Harry Potter reference for those of you who live in a cave) has played us all day long. His men spent the entire day giving the nation false hope that he is stepping down. I am not sure whether he was doing this to mislead us, the US, both or if this was even a plan between him and Obama.. (Conspiracy theories are a personal favorite of mine)..

Mubarak's speech basically stated that he was not stepping down from his presidential role. He will be delegating "some" of his powers to VP Omar Silly-Man who is uncannily resembling of the Pink Panther.. except Pink Panther will probably know how to properly say Muslim Brotherhood. Link 2 Silly-Man Video!

He plays AGAIN on people's emotions by talking about his role in the 1973 war & how he remembers raising the Egyptian flag bla bla bla... HEY MUBARAK.. You were THE commander of the AIR FORCE... it was YOUR JOB to defend the country.. you DID NOT do it as a favor so stop pretending like you accepted an invitation. He also mentions the assassination attempt on his life in Ethiopia which I'm still unable to connect the relevance of to the current events and why exactly should that make us feel bad?

Then.. he surprises us by developing balls and defying the US in his clear change of tone as he says "I will never submit to foreign pressures or dictations," Well, Well, Well, look who stumbled upon his long lost manhood?? And on who's expense may I ask?

However... the most offensive part of his speech in my humble opinion, was not the fact that he chose his pride over the demands and welfare of his "sons & daughters" or that he decided to push people's limits even further in a reckless playing with fire childish stubborn attitude! It was the fact he dared mention the people who lost their lives because of HIM...

Why did he wait over 15 days to mention them and apologize for their loss? Why did he allow their deaths to happen in the first place. I mean I'm a believer so I know they all died because it was their time however he did NOT fulfill his duties as president to protect them.. He knew and probably authorized all the actions that lead to their deaths... So I would like to ask Mubarak a question, do you remember when your grandson passed away? The entire Egyptian nation was sad! We all felt bad for the loss of this young innocent soul that was still untarnished with the corruption that comes with being affiliated to your family name.. but where were you when those who you claim to be your sons and daughters were being murdered? Where where you Mubarak??? WHERE WERE YOU??

"ولا تحسبن الله غافلا عما يعمل الظالمون"

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  1. Congrats! Egyptians have overthrown their tyrant. God bless you all.