Wednesday, March 9, 2011

مصر يامه يا سفينة... مهما كان البحر عاتي

Sectarian tension is a fact of life in Egypt. Not all Muslims like Christians and not all Christians like Muslims.

But its ok... the 1st step towards recovery is admitting the reality of the disease.

Over the past two days there has been a wave of attacks on Christian houses, individuals and churches. Let me start by asking a question. Through out the entire month and 2 weeks of the revolution as of January 25.. has their been one single incident of sectarian violence? Did anyone other than me see footage and pictures of Christian protestors forming human shields to protect Muslims protestors as they prayed the Friday prayers in Tahrir square? Did anyone other than me see the footage and pictures of Muslims organizing a sunday mass in honor of the Christians martyrs?

Let us note a few points:
A- The police force has been withdrawn from the streets of Egypt since day 4 of the protests.
B- The beginning of the end for state security in Egypt has started as of 3 days ago.
C- The ex regime has long been known to fuel sectarian fires 2 divert attention from their corruption.

Accordingly.. I will establish a break down and its entirely up to my imaginary readers to decide if I make sense or not.

Highest ratios of sectarian tension in Egypt happens in Upper Egypt where people still believe in concept of vengeance or "Al Tar" as you can see from Reuters' compilation of major sectarian violence incidents in this article And in a country where illiteracy rate according to UNICEF is 30% as of 2009, you must know that probably the highest rate of this 30% is compiled in the little villages and towns in the upper part of Egypt. (I'm sorry I'm unable 2 provide a credible source for this assumption - you're most welcome to research and either confirm my info or negate it)

Those attacks that have happened over the past couple of days were either in a small upper Egyptian town or in a slum area in Cairo which doesn't really differ in terms of illiteracy rates/ignorance/sporadic violence.

These people in the areas in which those attacks have happened have been aware of the lack of Police since day one of the withdrawal.. if their attacks on christians happened out of pure "hate" and they were merely waiting for a chance.. then they had ample time to do so since the 29th of January. "Something" or "Someone" must have provoked them or caused an increase of fury amongst them to start these attacks.. and by all means I DO NOT mean that this provocation or whatever it was happened by Christians please do not misunderstand my point and read till the end.

Three days ago Egyptian citizens stormed into a few of the state security building, taking them down and  starting the 1st step in achieving one of the primary goals of the revolution that has been declared since day one and that is the disbanding of the current state security with its current form. Coincidentally or not, this happened the same day Ahmed Shafik ex PM resigned or was removed (we'll never know). The storming of the building happened AFTER citizens started noticing and reporting smoke coming out of the SS building & concluded the SS were burning valuable documents. Why did this only happen when Shafik resigned and a new PM elected by the protestors took over the Cabinet?

The SS with leadership of ex Interior Minister Habeeb El Adly are now being convicted with having been behind the Two Saints Church of Alexandria bombings.. they have always had the reputation of being behind sectarian tension in attempts to divert the attention of Egyptians from political opposition. It is a very odd timing and unnaturally fishy for those attacks to take place right after the SS faces a VERY harsh blow such as losing their Nasr City fort to protestors and losing many valuable documents that are continuing to be leaked. They are fully aware that their days are numbered.. right now a few Who has the benefit to start this sort of sectarian anger right now during this specific time and why have these attacks ONLY happened in these specific areas where the people are driven by their emotions and will respond to vague slogans due to their lack of education and limited rationale.

If the people in the village were really told that a muslim man was having a sexual relation with a christian woman (or the other way around I'm unsure but someone on my FB claimed to be from that town and was told this story by locals) they will instantly believe it because their minds are unbelievably narrow and they will be driven by the emotions of vengeance and honor to start attacking one another.

If the people in the Cairo slum area were really told that a fight erupted between a Christian and a Muslim garbage collectors (this is the wildest spreading rumor on Twitter) and that they fight ended with the Christian murdering the Muslim.. they will also be instantaneously moved by their anger and discontent and will start attacking one another.

The question here is... who's benefit was to start those rumors or spread these very destabilizing pieces of info (if they were true which I highly doubt)? Who would benefit the most out of the country falling into a trap of sectarian violence in the midst of a snow white clean revolution where the Christian & the Muslim shouted hand in hand for the fall of the regime that has long tried to separate them? Who would benefit most from applying a plan that is based on the divide and conquer method?

I will leave you with holy words of God.. our God as Egyptians... Muslims & Christians:

و اعتصموا بحبل الله جميعاً ولا تفرقوا

and in this case حبل الله means: God's religion.. and in Islam God commands us to respect all other religions.

Ephesians 4:1-3
1 As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. 2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 3Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

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