Thursday, January 20, 2011

جاموسة راحت تقابل جاموسة

This is an old post that was on my Facebook notes, it dates back to October 26 2009 and I decided to share it with my imaginary readers (right now my followers are 14 and 10 of them are my close friends :D) because there is a lot of tension in the air right now and I just wanted to remind everyone what sorts of thing are we fighting for.

Well, two days ago the horrible train accident took place... msh hadkhol fi tafaseel wi a3od atkalem 3an eh wi leh wi feen... wi msh hatkalem 3an en el 1st train shaklo metfa3as wi ma3a zalek the egyptian press insists that only 18 ppl died ma3 en the news reached CANADA and a friend of mine heard about the it and sent me a msg 2 check on me... wi TAB3AN msh hanetkalem fi en el ostaz el mo7taram ra2ees hay2et sekak 7adid masr tele3 ma3 3amr adeeb yetkalem 3an the accident as if all that happened was someone breaking their nails saying "E7na bena2saf 3an haza el 7ades el mo2sef" wi "kol bani adam mo3arad lel khata2"... mashy maho we're all bound to make mistakes 3ala 3eny wi rasy bas ya3ny el habal leeh 7edood.. ma 3alena bardo i wont get into that..

What I want to mention ba2a is eh... Fi gornal el ahram front page youm sunday the 25th of october el howa YESTERDAY ta7t ba2a the headline beta3 el train accident, if u check keda hatla2o khabar tany bey2ool eh:

"Tam7oo Regolatoh be ma2 el nar le rafdoh zawagahoma"

A girl kills her boyfriend by pouring acid on his penis while together in his car in one of the Maadi streets. After being caught by the police the girl admits to the crime explaining that they had slept together and then he refused to marry her so in revenge she decided to "erase his manhood" after having found out he's cheating on her with another girl. Takmelet el khabar bet2ool "wa kan el magny 3alayh qad kharag mn el sayara yagri fi a7ad el shaware3 wa howa yasrokh taleb el mosa3ada mn el mara wi regal el shorta le inqazoh thom saqat mayetan mn gera2 esabatoh el shadida"...

So, its come down to this? After el 3abbara, after 2atr el se3eed where 360 ppl died burning wi ba3d yesterday's accident it comes down to burning penises with acid in the middle of the street...

Needless to say the real criminal fi 7adset embare7 ma3roof... el mogrem el 7a2i2i ya gama3a howa el gamoosa.. tab3an el gamoosa, it crossed the railway wi mabasetsh yemeen wi shemal wi kanet el natiga eh?? Heya el mozneb el 7a2i2i el gamoosa msh ay 7ad tany wi msh ay system tany.. keep that in mind!

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