Tuesday, January 25, 2011

أحلام الفتى الطائش

I write this note hoping that sometime ahead in the future I will look back at it and have tears of joy and not pangs of pain and despair!

Today is January 25th yet where I live it is still 2:23am so in a few hours the start of what could be the biggest revolt in the history of Egypt since probably el sawra el 3orabeya will take place. (I deliberately ignore the 1952 events becuz that was not a revolution that was a coup.. enqelab, or at least I think so)

I am insomniac! I can't sleep, I am far too excited to fall asleep, I used to get this sort of crazy edginess combined with mad eyes and millions of thoughts when I was a kid and it would be the day before going to the North Coast or ... *gasp* SHARM EL SHEIKH!

But I'm not a kid anymore, these places barely excite me.. but tomorrow... tomorrow is a different story! Even though I am not entirely convinced with the planning and organizing of the "revolution" and even though until only yesterday I was completely pessimistic.. I am now raving with hope!

What if tomorrow brings another day of revolution? and another? and another? and then either Mubarak calls Ben Ali and sees if he can be his roommate in that suite in Riyadh or he just calls it quits and says I decided to retire wi kefaya 3aleko keda! WHAT IF WE SUCCEED? I could just burst out with happiness I'm afraid i'll pee my pants!

I remember as a kid I asked my grandpa "Howa ana ama etwaladt kan meen el ra2ees" and he said "7osny Mubarak" and then I asked "Tab howa ana lama yekoon 3andi welad haykoon meen el ra2ees" and he said "Bardo 7osny Mubarak"! Will we dare disappoint Gedo and change that????

But I do have a few questions, I dont mean to rain on your parades BUT has anyone thought of what happens next? Who's the next leader? I mean we can't just expect to create chaos and then leave it at that? We don't have a plan do we? Also what if we ..... fail? What if the security forces crack down on people so hard tomorrow that everyone goes running home? What if they impose curfews? What if nothing changes regardless of how many days of revolution and strike?

I don't think we'll need to answer most of these questions... insha2allah we will find our way to freedom!

Ahmed Oraby stood up to the Khedive in 1881 and gave his famous speech! I wish someone would remember to REMIND Mubarak of what Ahmed Oraby said that day...

لقد خلقنا الله أحرارًا، ولم يخلقنا تراثًا أو عقارًا؛ فوالله الذي لا إله إلا هو، لا نُورَّث، ولا نُستعبَد بعد اليوم


  1. kolena bens2al wuts next...or wut if nothing happens...and what if millions of other thoughts that have been driving me crazy all alone...i wish u were here today even if nothing happens or the whole system changed...love the quote