Thursday, January 13, 2011

يا سلام علي حبي و حبك

I wasn't home when the attack on the Alexandria church happened! I was aware of the attack before most of the Egyptians were because of the time difference, it was 7 pm where I was so I was very much awake and not yet busy celebrating new year's so I instantly saw all the twitter buzz..

I was hurt, ashamed and sad that Egypt had started it's own new year with a disgraceful action. 2010 had such great moments of awakening for the Egyptian people that all started when Khaled Saeed was murdered and when the anonymous admin of the "Kolena Khaled Saeed" took initiative and led thousands of Egyptians to stand up for their beliefs for the 1st time in years. I was hopeful that 2011 would be better, would bring more change and positiveness into our stalemate political scene, would bring us a few steps closer to ending the injustice and unfairness of the current government but then BOOM happened and 20 something people were blasted into their death inside the house of God with a following week of riots and destruction and I realize... there is nothing different about 2011.

After the explosion we heard of a man called Belal El Sayed who was detained by the police and died after 24 hours from torture. No one made a fuss about him as if he didnt matter because the mainstream media labled him "Salafi". Of course many ignorant people misunderstand the term and take it as some fancy word for "Motataref" which is not true.. I was offended by the lack of interest in the death and murder of Belal. As many Muslims stood up for their fellow Coptic Egyptians and were sympathetic to their case and were appalled by the murder of innocent people walking out of a religious mass I expected THEM as Christians to be sympathetic with this man who died without any proof of him being guilty!! I expected the same Muslims who went out in riots objecting to the blast of the church to show ANGER for how the government treated this man as if he he's disposable.

And then a day or two ago a shooting inside a train on its way from or to Minya I am not sure nor do I care happened! The shooter was a policeman walla something related lel shorta wel dakhleya wi khalas and he is apparently a psycho who also attacked innocent people for no apparent reason that I heard of. 3ala 7azena el hebab fi wa7ed mesi7i mel victims died.. automatically el mawdoo3 etakhed eno ma2sood. Tab I have a question to my dear Coptic brothers and sisters, Homa el nas el kano fel atr kano labseen yofat maktoob 3aleha "Ana Mesi7i" wi "Ana Muslim" and based on that the shooter targeted his victims wala howa darab nar fel nas kolaha without any intentional targeting? Leh kol 7aga keda? Leh benestad fel maya el 3ekra? Manseeb el 7ayah temshi wi neshoof masla7etna feen wi neshoof MEEN el 3ayez yekhalina nemsek fi ba3d badal ama nemsek fih?

Also another ridiculous comment I read was eno el dakhleya mesta2sada the coptics!!!! I have NEVER heard of a christian for example dying the same way as Khaled Saeed, Ahmed Shaaban or Belal El Sayed or even sodomized like 3emad El Kebeer!! The way I see it el 7ekooma bet7ases 3ala el Coptics 3ashan may2oloosh "Fetna Ta2efeya" wi "Bey3amloona we7esh" wel Moslemeen homa el tal3an 3een abohom not the other way around... and EVEN IF the government does so then its not JUST them be daleel el list el ana lesa katbaha now.. The government is after everyone who objects msh after a certain group of people.

Ana 3omri fi 7ayati ma kan 3andi moshkela ma3 a Christian person! I had christian friends since I was a 3 year old at Humpty Dumpty nursery! Some of my good friends are Christian and to me it has NEVER been an issue of religion and it never will be. Yet I am offended and I also feel betrayed.. I expected more from Egyptians, and I didnt say Copts or Muslims.. I say EGYPTIANS... who are not focused on the real enemy and are wasting time and dividing a nation.