Monday, July 12, 2010

مصر مرات أبوك يا أهبل مش أمك

Misho is leaving!

He said: howa fi eh 3ashan el wa7ed yo3od 3ashano? Ana hamshi 3ashan a3raf a3eesh
Of course my imaginary readers would ask: Meen Misho da aslan? Wi e7na leeh bene2ra 7aga 3an wa7ed esmo Misho?

Answer: Misho, also known as Emeile, is an Egyptian young man of the age 28. He works as a hairdresser and a very talented one that he has been offered a job by a leading hair care & cosmetics company outside of Egypt.

Misho was jailed for a month at some point of his life... You will ask why? And I will say because they mixed up his full name with someone who was around 25 years older than him for some robbery dated to before he was even born.. and even though the police did figure out the mistake, he was left in jail for a while..

I asked him, what would change your mind? what could be done so you would turn away from leaving? He asked for the simplest of all things... The change of the current government!

Ha2aw! or as Booby from the Melody ad would say: E7lam!

When will someone in an important influential position realize that this country is losing... is bleeding out all the young, talented and healthy individuals that could so easily be participating in building a better tomorrow for everyone? What is the point of a mother bearing a child, feeding, tending, caring and helping him grow to be the man he is today if at some point he will leave to build himself a life somewhere else? And why dont we have the space to build lives in our homeland?

Next door in Palestine lives are lost PER SECOND so that those people would go BACK to their land and the Israelis are also losing lives PER SECOND so that they WOULDNT leave their so called land.. but what do we do? We beg for a chance to escape...

As I was telling my beloved Med7at a few days ago.. It is very frustrating to be alive knowing that you have no future.. Med7at asked me: Leh keda?! Insha2allah hayeb2a leeki mosta2bal (or something of the sort) but I said it is impossible... You live in this country knowing that you will go no where (or something of the sort).

The late Father of the Nation: Saad Zaghloul once said:
لا حياة مع اليأس و لا يأس مع الحياة

But I believe he said that with real humans in mind... we are now shadows, shadows of what could have been.. We are the illusion of a generation that some people died and fought for the freedom of... We are those who allowed Tamer Hosni to write a column in the country;s leading newspaper;s Culture page.

We can remember that Saad Zaghloul also said:
مفيش فايدة

This sounds more like it!

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