Friday, July 16, 2010

Its me against the world?! HA2AWAW

The entire world is out to get us!
Hah..! Some of you would like that wont you? Maho e7na el masreyeen keda nemoot fel hala3 wel ay kalam! I am not critisizing by the way.. la2 la sama7 allah! I am stating a fact. E7na ben7eb el ganaza el haneshba3 fiha latm aw el khena2a eli haneshba3 fiha darb. True Story

Back to where I was.. We are all aware of the 9/11 story, boy meets girl, girl dumps boy, he gets on a plane and smashes it into the WTC killing thousands of people just to get bk at her.

No seriouslly (I am in the mood to tease my imaginary readers now).. We all know the after math of the 9/11 attacks and how this disaster brought down shit on all the Muslim & Arabs heads. I say Arabs cuz contrary to common western belief not ALL Arabs are Muslim *Gasp* and not ALL Muslims are Arab *Wide Eyes*.

Ahhhh! Gena fel te2eel! The Burqa or Al Niqab dilemma.

I myself as Fero, I am not with the niqab.. I dont believe in it or see it necessary. Why? Because there is no specific verse of Quran or verified Hadith that state it to be an obligation unlike the case of the hair veil. Because when a woman with the face cover goes to Mekka she will be forced to TAKE IT OFF... I guess if God is okay with you visiting the holy house with ur face showing then God is okay with you showing your face anywhere else.

However.. wi ne-stress 3ala however di ba2a awi, everyone has the right to express themselves and to wear whatever makes them comfortable without being judged by anyone else. Just like everyone is free to choose whichever sexual orientation makes them comfortable wel 7esab fel akhra insha2allah! Let the gay be gay an let the veiled be veiled!

I seriouslly can not understand how an educated head of state such as Nicolas Sarkozi issue a statement about his argument as for why he supports the ban of face veil saying that its "a sign of debasement and enslavement." WTF?! Ensalvement to who yabn el habla? Does he even KNOW what the face veil represents or stands for?

The way I see the hair cover or the face cover is eno el Islam honored women beyond anything else and the whole purpose was eno el yelbes 7egab aw neqab is trying to keep themselves hidden from all eyes that dont deserve them except those of the Ma7arem until one day the woman is married to man who deserves to enjoy her beauty. I find this very honoring bas maybe no to the extent of covering the face la2en mafihash 7aga but the rest of the body I agree. Not being veiled myself is another matter but I surely am convinced of the idea.

Another idiot, el ostaz el mo7taram, *the former Social Democratic parliamentarian Lale Akgun, who is partly of Turkish descent, once called the face veil "a full-body prison that deeply threatens human rights." * (Huffington Post) etfadalo!! Full body prison! Threatening human rights! Tab el beheem da msh shayef eno by BANNING those who actually WANT TO cover their face en a ba2a el THREAT to human rights?? It would be more appropriate for him to stop talking out of his ass and to actually think about how he has double standards.

How easy would life be if we stop trying to control one another? What do they stand to lose law fakohom menena wi sabo el barbarian terrorist Arab world yewla3o be gaz wesekh? Why do they insist on generalizing and stereotyping Arabs & Muslims ALL THE TIME but its anti semitism this with jews and racism that with blacks?

I guess if this ever happens I would know en I am smoking some reeeaaaalllly good stuff that I should never let go of!

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