Saturday, July 3, 2010

الحيوان المصري في بيئته الطبيعية

Disbelief... Shock.... la2 bardo, not expressive enough! Msh 3arfa, tab ageeb kalam meneen yewsef how I am feeling now!

I wrongly assumed that at some point of each human beings life someone explains to them what is acceptable behavious and what is not.. I also believe that along the lines of what is unacceptable is disrespect of the elderly let alone slapping an older person on the face!

Obviouslly psychologists would have a field day if we gave them an opportunity to examine Egyptian police behavious... on the same tracks of moraqabet el feel el hendy fi be2to el tabi3eya... however in this case the creature portrays behaviour unlike anyother.. its monster like behaviour, the farthest from being human like behaviour.

Egyptian policemen have officially lost it, they are now the sole existent residents of Egypt and we are all here for their humor and entertainment... I blame the Egyptian president and I blame the Egyptian people. I blame the president because he is a dictator, a dictator with no sense of humanity or mercy. In 28 years he has failed to show any signs of good intention towards his people. He is ruling with an iron fist, a fist that knows nothing but the language of violence... a fist that hits you in the nose on the first signs of your disobedience.

I also blame the Egyptian people for being so passive.. the day when this person became Egyptian president was 8 years before I was born and I am 21.. In all those years no one has dared to speak up, no one has to dared to stand up for the rest and no one has dared to think of change. We deserved the treatment we recieved. We gave them the rights and privileges and power they possess.

Going back to my original thought, I came across this link (Egyptian Police Brutality)and it was when I realized that some parents have failed to raise their children.. This officers mother did a terrible job bringing up her son, she forgot to tell him that you CAN NOT slap someone just because you can... she forgot to tell him that you CAN NOT slap a man the age of your father. She obviously forgot to mention the most important thing one should make sure his or her children learn growing up, that there is a God out there watching our each and every move and that a slap like that would count towards your bad deeds and that bad deeds take you straight to hell.

Hell?? We are already there...

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