Wednesday, June 30, 2010

El 7a2i2a El Morra

I was inside the police station, I was kind of lost, looking around trying to figure out which way to go and all of a sudden this guy walking fast and not paying attention stumbles by me and pushes me over and I fall. I have an issue with my right thigh due to a car accident I was in, years ago.. My leg hurts and I yell: EH EL GHABA2 DA and suddenly the guy starts swearing bk at me: Howa meen da el ghaby ya bent el teet teet teet...
Then I wake up...

Of course it could so easily be a real life situation :) so so very easily.. we are now living in a country where u seriouslly have to think each breath over or u might end up like Khaled or Nashwa or Emad... dead or humiliated or violated but if you are unlucky, you get all three..

The reason im blogging this is becuz I find it unfair that a 21 year old has a dream like this... I know en el 7amdolellah socially and financially wise my life is beyond good el 7amdolellah and that some people would kill to have half the opportunities and privileges I have.. enama still, I am human after all.. not just becuz my dad could afford to pay for my AUC tuition or because he can send me of to Rome for a week of tourism it means that I lose all my other rights to object to the injustices that dont directly affect me. Wi aslan its very obvious en they do affect me la2en the privileges I enjoy becuz of a social or financial status in my own bubble have nothing to do ba2a with the political status of the country I live in wi el results el based on it! Ya3ny fe3lan law this did happen inside a police station and I call the police officer GHABY in front of every1 he will kick my ass and I might not leave the place aslan...

The problem isn't en I call a policeman a name regardless what it is and he takes a procedure regarding the insult and locks me up... this is his right cuz I insulted him, enama this isn't whats going to happen, what would happen is that I would be called names too, I might get beaten up and I would lose a lot of my humanity in the process.. Begad I'm so sick of being scared.. I must admit that I am, regardless bardo of how vocal I might be about my beliefs.. Asl I refuse to be captivated by my fear... this is precisely what they want to do, to scare the shit out of everyone and to bind our tounges.. Enama la2, ay na3am ana msh ba3mel 7aga raheeba, be daleel en the one time I called upon ppl for positive action no one dared to follow, be daleel en im blogging to thin air (No offense to my followers bas my best friend, myself and a 2 friends of friends dont count)... bas la2, I refuse eni askot, at least I get some steam off my chest about what I see or what I feel.. this is the SIMPLEST form of human rights... MY RIGHT TO FREELY AND SAFELY EXPRESS MY OPINION and its also known as Freedom of Speech fi oroba wal dowal al motaqadema!

However, I do like the new national anthem which I must give the credit of to Wael Abbas, famous egyptian journalist/blogger who most certainly doesnt need my intro..

بلاده بلاده بلاده, بلد حسني و ولاده

بلاده بلاده بلاده, بلد حسني و ولاده

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  1. ana mesh mesada2 en this post can be writtedn now by ony excluding the last part.