Friday, May 28, 2010

Chipsy bel khal

I've turned into this freaked out person fag2a! 3andi hala3 all the time wi shayla tagen setty 24/7. I'm worried about a million things and my mind is buzzing constantly. I would like to classify my craziness into levels, let me introduce you to the buzzing inside my brain:

There's the airhead level worried about "Am I too fat" "Does this dress look nice on me" "Is this bag way too expensive" "Algeria hatekhsar wala hatewsal dor el 16" and all sorts of girly crap I wish I could poop out of my system once and 4 all..

There's the ghost of my future, reminding me every second of every living day of how I need to put a plan 4 my life and put that plan into action, "Do i know what i want to do?" "Should I change my path" "Will I ever find a job" "Should I leave Egypt" "If we all leave Egypt, meen hayefdal yakhod balo menha"

There's also my inner Saad Zaghloul, worried about Egypt, where the country is headed, how the country is governed and how miserable are the lives of the majority of the Egyptians.. wi nefdal ne3eed wi nezeed ana wi Oronfella (my best friend) fi qesas wi nawader el sha3b el masry el 3'alban... meen darabooh 3ala afah fel share3, wi meen meskooha adab 3ashan el maba7esawy ebn el wezza yakhod 100 geneh, wi meen gab re3'eef 3eesh ad el taffa be nos geneh wi ely 3amalo mooled sidi el 3eryan wi ely 3ayzeen yedo el zobat ward... never ending stories, never ending.

Then comes my inner Sheikh Yassin, alf ra7ma wi nour 3aleh, ma3 eno maba2sh yetla3li keteer, bas still everynow and then takhodny el galala wi a3od ahawhaw 3ala felesteen wi israel wi gaza wi el 3eyal wel setat wi 3aysheen wi mayeteen wi ma7ro2een be gaz wi feen el 3orooba wi feen el nakhwa wi a3od atfarag 3al "7elm el 3araby" on youtube!! 7aga cute awi

Finally, the last level of looney is the "citizen of the world" one. Offf ba2a, hena ba2a a3od afakar fi el 3eyal betoo3 el somal el beye7foro fel ard wi yeshrabo mel teena, mafish mane3 afteker kosovo wel bosna, wi a3ayat 3al banat el weshohom et7ara2 be mayet nar on the hands of taliban, wel 8 yr old sex workers in asia wi khod 3andak mn kol film oghneya...

Ba3d kol da ba2a (wi 3ala fekra ana keda i didnt go into details AT ALL).. 3amalt ana eh?? wala ay 7aga, a3da labsa PJs 3alehom Snoopy, bashrab Miranda Yostafandy (el gedida) wi bakalem nafsi (at this point my blog has 1 follower and i doubt he reads anything I write). Tab mana ZEHE2T ya3ny.. I wish I would have the means to do something about only ONE of the many issues that are causing me habalola fi nafookhi!! A lot of ppl would say take initiative and do something bas el fekra wi ana as of this point ha refer to my concerns about Egypt, en I'm begining to lose hope. 7asa eno msh momken 7aga hatetghayar, 7ata el Baradei maba2etsh 3andy amal feeh, wala amal fi en el nas nafsaha momken tetghayar, wala en e7na fi youm momken el nas el ghalaba di te3eesh 3isha nedifa wi takol akl nedif wi teshrab maya wi matelbesh lebs me2ata3 aw metsha7at wi maybosoosh le gherhom wi ye2olo "yabakhtohom" 7asa khalas, if anything this country will go down even more... bas hanroo7 aktar mn keda feen?

Laken bardo bagy fag2a (wi hena sho3'l el shizophrenia yebda2) LA2 YA FARAH! el sha3b el masry ader eno ye3'ayar wenti darsa tareekh wi 3arfa keda kowayes, when there's a will there's a way, wi el zeroof fel balad now kolaha mayla towards people taking a leap towards the better, wi el nas bada2t senna tefoo2, Baradei 3ala ra2y Gedo allah yer7amo "7arak el meyah el rakeda" da gheer el nas el betmoot mel goo3 wi msh adreen yektemo gowahom anymore.. Alb el watan magroo7 3ala ra2y el king mounir, wel nas hatfoo2 bas they need a push wi isa this push will come from within them la2en for this country to stand up for itself hayeb2a lazem el push yeb2a a grass roots push wi mafish 7ad ta3ban aktar mel grass roots masses, akid at a point hayetganeno msh haye2daro yesta7melo aktar mn keda...

Wafdal aqne3 nafsi be da showaya wi anaked 3ala nafsi showaya... tab asl ana fi idi eh tany a3melo? Let's be practical and honest, i'm nobody! Gheer en el 7amdolellah el 7amdolleha 3aysha 3eesha kowayesa wi msh na2esni 7aga wi eli ido fel maya gher el ido fel nar. Wi gheer keda ha3mel eh aslan? Hakhod feloos abooya awaza3ha 3al fo2ara? Atla3 3al marghany wi aqta7em 2asr el reyasa ana wi casper (el ot beta3i) wi nestawla 3al 7okm? Amshi fel share3 wi asawat ay she3arat habla (ya reet katakeet 6th of april mayakhdoosh el kalam 3ala a3sabhom) wi a3mel chaos without really having a goal?

El 7al chipsy bel khal sada2ooni..


  1. i bet elamal zahar ahoh , hamdulillah ;) :)

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