Saturday, May 26, 2012

Release the Kraken

Where did we go wrong? I keep asking myself this question over and over a thousand times trying to come up with the answer that refuses to make itself known.

Was it on the 11th of February 2011 when we mistakenly left Tahrir high on euphoria thinking that we have finally toppled Mubarak and his regime?

Was it when we thought we could force a revolution on a nation that became so frustrated with unemployment, constant fighting and an orchestrated lack of security?

Did we burn bridges with everyone and that is why we are stuck on the verge of an endless slope?

And who exactly is included in this "we" that does not seem like a logical label what with the immense divisions breaking out by the minute?

The results of the 1st round of the "1st post Jan25 Elections" couldn't have been more of a let down and a shocking disgrace..

Choosing between Shafik, Mubarak's loyal army general and Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate is the hardest most unexpected blow the revolution is yet to face.

On the one hand, Shafik's history as a corrupt Minister of Civil Aviation speaks for itself, with his approvals on sending airplanes to buy pets for Mubarak's grandchildren and other examples of misuse of power and tax payer money.. He was also the Prime Minister during the last 10 days of the January uprising and has the Camel Battle's martyrs' blood on his hands.. Not to mention he would be another military man-president, a concept we strived to bring to an end when overthrowing Mubarak.

On the other hand, Morsi represents the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood's allegiance is to the Brotherhood and the Supreme Guide. They have shown us time and time again that their own benefit comes first.. case in point the Mohamed Mahmoud clashes when they left us to face our inevitable doom all by ourselves because they had Parliamentary elections to worry about.. Arguably they have blood on their hands as well...

How are we expected to choose between those two kisses of death?! Also how is boycotting useful in this situation?

 Is it possible to just release the Kraken?!


  1. Firstly, it is unfair to put the MB and one of the main remnants of the ex-regime on equal footing with each other ,I know,like all who call themselves revolutionaries you are not misconcepted,you already know the whole truth and you are well informed enough to differentiate between killers and innocent people .You shouldnt always expect to have other factions support just because you are thinking you are doing the right thing .To get the MB claimed responsible for the killing of martyrs is a gruesome mistake and a miscalculation on your side,you have to rethink,and reconsider .