Sunday, August 14, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

In life, there comes  a point when we must face our own demons because if we don't... it's just a one way ticket to self destruction.

We can be stubborn and conceited, insisting on fighting a losing battle, or we can be realistic and true to ourselves and know that sometimes raising the white flag is the safest way out for us and anyone involved and associated with our process.

I do not wish to reflect on a certain incident or to point fingers at anyone. I merely wish that people in general would adopt an objective approach when acting and working especially if their actions represent an entire group of youth with hopes, dreams and expectations.

There is no shame in one admitting being mistaken and reassessing.. that's just a sign of maturity! Sometimes things just don't work they way we thought they would.. so inevitably we have to find other ways to meet our ends. Those other ways could be things we never thought we would resort to, things we ridiculed at some point or even things that we were so blinded by arrogance to see.

There is no right and wrong when its history being made as no one involved has had experience doing what they're doing. We have never been accustomed to being in charge, there is no leader, we are a group and instead of fighting amongst ourselves, bickering about who's the most active or who's the most loyal to the cause we should be joining forces. Trusting one another and building our futures together.

Take a step back.. analyze the current situation... gauge who your real enemies are...  determine who's on your side... understand that your way is not THE ONLY way... create a sold working plan and that's when you strike back. 

And follow the Yellow brick road!

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