Tuesday, December 21, 2010

قوم اوقف و انتا بتكلمني

In Egypt, people tend to think of those who stand up for their rights as annoying assholes who should just suck it up and zip it. I refuse to be one of those.

Most Egyptians have become accustomed to accepting anything they are offered without questioning. Most Egyptians will compromise their rights for the sake of not making a fuss or even worse.. not making a scene.

If you're at a restaurant and they get you your order wrong god forbid you ask for a new one or express your disdain with the quality of the food or dare I say it? CUSTOMER SERVICE!

If you're driving and a guy texting bumps into the rear end of your car, god forbid you yell at him or point out he was not paying attention. God forbid you pull over to check your car, then you're the idiot blocking the road.

If you're entering a one way street but a stream of cars are coming in the opposite direction, god forbid you refuse to reverse all the way back.

If you worked your ass off for 5 months only to receive half the payment promised, god forbid you email your ex boss wondering why he/she is being unfair.

The examples can go on forever... this is not the point though.

God forbid I write a post that somehow doesn't relate to how the government is shitty. Dont worry, here it comes.

Lack of democracy and freedom of expression are in my opinion the reason behind the lack of positivity on the Egyptian society's end. We are not used to this sort of attitude! Those who speak their mind and stand up for their rights even in the most trivial of things are considered troublemakers. And who is responsible for embedding this image in the eyes and minds of the majority??


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