Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Earth hour between Egypt & the world!!

So the clock struck 8:30 and it's time for us to turn off the lights and if possible unplug stuff from the electricity.. my grandparents reluctantly agree but insist on keeping one dim light so they can manage to roam about the house... In 15 minutes I had to leave, heading bk home with my mom, on our way from mohandeseen to heliopolis I noticed that almost no one turned off any sort of light!! Well yeah a few landmark buildings did but so what? The whole world knew abt this event, in Egypt there have been numerous publications but maybe not enough... I dunno who to blame, the egyptian people for being so negative when it comes to change or the government for not making enough efforts to publicize such an enormous environment friendly global event. Maybe next time they should treat us like kids and just cut off the electricity from everyone!!

I was listening to the radio on our ride back home and the presenter on Nile FM said he's in the studio sitting in the dark and kept reading out msgs from ppl, one of them was from some girl saying that she has turned ALL the lights on in her house because she is not convinced with the purpose of the earth hour!!


Excuse me but this is just plain ignorance.. maybe today not every single house, shop or whatever turned off their lights but the ones who did shared in spreading awareness to help save our planet for the coming generations. Maybe we wont suffer from the lack of resources or the effects of the global warming but maybe our grand children will... does she want her grandkids to come into a world where california and england no longer exist because they sank into the ocean? Or the price of gasoline is 10 times how much it is right now?

We take everything for granted.. everything, but one day, everything will become nothing and we'll be the only ones to blame. I hope next earth hour Egyptians take a more positive action and share the world in the only 60 minutes during which WE as human beings give back to mother earth...

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