Sunday, March 29, 2009

10 things I would do if I were Queen of Egypt!!

I share with you one of my articles published in What Women Want... magazine
10 things I would do if I were queen of Egypt :)

1. Taxes would be used to improve the educational system, roads and health facilities and not to be spent on the royal government’s BMWs, wives’ plastic surgeries and/or villas in Marina.

2. Make education obligatory for all ages, anyone who is illiterate would have to attend school which of course would be for free but offering proper education.

3. Increase the salaries of teachers and legally ban private tutoring so teachers would actually teach students at school instead of relying on afternoon lessons.

4. Create associations responsible for every area such as Heliopolis Association or Zamalek Association, which would have subdivisions of teams responsible for every block’s cleanliness. Those who litter will spend time in a dumpster not a jail.

5. Ban all cursing, shouting and yelling on the streets. Those who break the rules will hug each other, call each other names such as honey bunny and Pooh bear plus pay a fine.

6. Appoint women as street observers on the watch out for sexual harassment. Men proved to be no good. Harassers would be punished by standing in Tahrir Square in their underpants after the Friday prayer for people to laugh at them for an hour.

7. No more Black and White taxis, PINK, BABY BLUE, YELLOW and LILAC would be the official colors. A little bit of color in the streets to cheer people up.

8.Cab drivers are compelled by law to shower daily, spray the car with perfumes to be provided by the government and under no circumstance are to say NO to a customer who waves at them on the street. The person will pick the taxi; the taxi driver will NOT pick the person.

9. Start a new transportation service via helicopters to lighten the burden off the streets. Prices would be the same as other public transportation services.

10.Last but not least, I would endorse free speech and allow the media to report whatever they sit fit within the lines of general ethics, morals and cultural limitations. However, no pointless music/semi porno clips are to be aired and definitely no Riddles Oriented TV channels.

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  1. i def. second the no riddles chanel.
    if it was in my power i will hunt down and kill whoever came up with that idea...