Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The President of Egypt: Mr. Morsi

It was the most intense thing I have ever witnessed... it was bigger than the moment of Mubarak's trial verdict.

I was seriously afraid of the outcome. It would've broken me into pieces... really shattered me... had the outcome been different. I was set on leaving had the outcome been different. Not that this is the outcome I had hoped for either.

I was there in Tahrir, where it all began, where I've 1st seen death, blood, tear gas and rubber bullets. I was there alone with the oddest crowd, definitely not the crowd I had hoped to be anticipating the moment Egypt's 1st post revolution president would be announced with. I was with the Muslim Brotherhood in Tahrir hoping the president would not be Shafik but instead... Morsi.

The world's most boring judge announced Shafik had lost with a total of 48% of the votes, a deafening wild roar erupts throughout the square and all of a sudden I find myself in tears, forcing myself not to join in the celebration of the president that I did not choose who belongs to the brotherhood I despise. But I was happy, I was relieved, I was pleased it was not Shafik. That pompous ass murderer is not our president. I needed a hug. I need to be with people whom I loved and in turn loved me back. I do not know why but I will always look back at that moment and wish I was with anyone whom I cared about.

Never in a million years would I have wanted this to be the scenario of the 1st post Mubarak election. I wanted to be proud of the process, I wanted to support my candidate and not have to choose between the lesser of two evils (which I didn't, I nullified my vote). I do not hate Morsi, I do not like Morsi, I feel extremely indifferent about it him... However I do not respect the brotherhood to which he belongs. I feel that it is extremely unfair that they have done the least work when it comes to all that is Jan25 but at the end they are the ones gathering the fruit of a success they do not earn.

I wanted the president to be El Baradie or Abol Fotooh, in my humble opinion they were the best candidates on the scene right now, but I guess the silver lining here is that Morsi is a key figure in the brotherhood that throughout Mubarak's rule was a banned political group and the most organized opposition force against him. The 1st president to proceed Mubarak was a man Mubarak attempted to lock up 3 days after the uprising that ended up overthrowing him. He is also the first civilian president which is a success more or less regardless of him being a puppet to military men or not.

I am utterly disgusted with the state of polarization our country is suffering of, all thanks to SCAF, but I am not ashamed of having stood up to many of the self centered, elitist sons of bitches whom only care about their own shallow bubble, lifestyle and social status as opposed to the entire future of a country where 60% of the people live under the poverty line.

And for whatever reason, whenever I think of Morsi, the song from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix "Weasley is our king" comes instantly to my mind :)

(You've had to have read the book to know what I sneakily mean by this reference)

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  1. What do I say? Thank you for a very balanced, aware, intelligent and well-written political opinion.