Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011

2011 was unique from the very first day... but little did I know it would be a year that would forever change life as I knew it.

We've all experienced what could be described as a spectacular year.. but to each and everyone of us, 2011 has a different meaning and is a different story.

2011 was the year I lived alone for the first time of my life as I spent the first half of it in New York City. New York means a whole lot me.. it's a place where I grew, where I was forced to face myself without the help of anyone & literally make it on my own. But there are too many bitter sweet feelings when I think of the city just because to me it will always be the place I was held up in while my country rose against dictatorship.. the city where I was literally dying inside everyday for 18 days, alone..

2011 was the year when I first felt hope for my country.. prior to leaving to the US I was determined to somehow someday find a way to permanently move to the US even if it was on the expense of family/personal relations. But in 2011 I saw a glimmer of hope.. that maybe, just maybe, we Egyptians can turn things around. (In light of recent events & face offs with SCAF I'd rather not get into the debate of "do u still see hope" because I am incredibly confused)

But it wasn't only hope in Egyptians that I felt in 2011, it was in Arabs generally. I had long given up on my "pan-arabism" fantasies but in 2011 we all united, we united to take back what's ours, to take back our rights, to live in freedom. I salute freedom fighters all over the Arab world this year. Tunisians forced Ben Ali to flee, Egyptians put Mubarak in a cage, Libyans killed Qazzafi and Syrians/Yemenis/Bahrainis started their own uprisings that will surely evolve & the people's will shall prevail. It might be taking longer than expected but I have faith in their strength.

Before 2011, I would watch DNE videos produced by Jon Jensen & Ian Lee and say to myself "WOW! If only I can work with those guys.." In 2011 I landed my first job as a Video Journalist for DNE. I met with Jon and worked with Ian for 3 months during which he was my mentor, friend and guide.

2011 was the year where I first joined protests, either as a Journalist or as a participant, whether pro Tunisian revolution, pro Palestinian struggle, anti Mubarak, anti SCAF... and the list goes on. During these protests I met some of the most awe inspiring humans one could ever meet. Too many names come to mind so it's best not to try & list everyone.

In 2011 I was hit with tear gas canisters for the first time of my life, I was pelted with rocks by CSF/Military Police, I saw dead bodies, I went to the morgue, I visited gunshot wound victims in hospitals, I went inside the Ministry of Interior, I experienced two sit ins, I traveled to small towns of Egypt that I have never been to before and I was there outside the court where Mubarak's trial took place :)

In 2011 3 of my best friends got married, one of whom is pregnant, expecting the first baby girl in our group and her due date is January 25th :)

2011 was beautiful, emotional, harsh, sad, long, messy, unfair, lucky but mostly different. I am blessed to be part of this generation, I am blessed to have come home to take part in the continuation of the revolution... 2011 was only the beginning of an adventure that we're bound to wrap up to our favor...

2011 was just the beginning, I'm ready to say Goodbye & move on and I can't wait for 2012 to bring it on!


  1. OMG
    too touchy and expressive
    Happy new year
    May all your wishes come true Farah

  2. Amazing ya Farfoury :)))
    it brought tears to my eyes! I m so proud of u and will always be :) May all ur wishes come true this year...Love u my Feroo xxx