Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Letter of Hope:

Dear Friends:

I write you this letter with the highest of hopes that you will take 5 minutes of your day and read because I sincerely need your help.

See, we have started a revolution earlier this year, specifically on a day designated to "celebrate" the Police force which is January 25th.. The same police force that has long tortured, humiliated and oppressed us.. the citizens of Egypt.

You remember right? You where there.. you were a proud citizen, you chanted from deep inside your heart demanding Mubarak to step down, you waved the Egyptian flag and felt proud for the first time of your life for being a citizen of Egypt and prayed to God to grant Egypt the freedom it deserves right?

But now... where are you? why are you back to being silent? do you not see your effort being thrown to waste? do you not want to save the revolution and help it continue to end oppression and corruption?

Did you not hear about army tanks crushing peaceful coptic protesters? Did you not hear about the military police beating up families of martyrs on the first day of Ramadan while fasting? The martyrs of the same revolution they SWORE to protect? Did you not hear about the girls.. your sisters.. who were subjected to illegal virginity checks while the doors to the room where open and soldiers filmed what's between their legs with cellphones? Did you not hear of Aly Maher the 19 year old who was shot on the 9th of April when the army attacked a peaceful sit in in Tahrir? Did you not hear of the 12,000 civilians who were subjected to illegal military trials for civilians such as Maikel Nabil who's been on hunger strike for over 50 days now? Did you not hear that Khaled Said's murderers recieved ONLY 7 years of prison while Aly El Halaby, an activist, was arrested for painting Graffiti against Tantawi? Did you not hear about blogger Alaa Abdel Fatah who will miss the birth of his first child because SCAF has him locked up in jail for no reason? Did you not hear that SCAF are playing God & are prosecuting Mina Daniel, a dead 19 year old killed by gunshots at Maspero by their military police?

Mubarak was replaced with his best friends.. A council of Mubarak's generals who are now taking his revenge from activists, journalists, revolutionaries... anyone who supported the revolution. Next time it could be your best friend, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your brother, your neighbor or even YOU..

Do you have to wait until the phone call that informs you a loved one has been shot, crushed by a tank or arrested? Is this what it will take for you to start moving and taking action?

I sincerely hope not!


A friend who has faith in YOU.


  1. If I can agree anymore with you I'd do !, people thought that what happened in Jan 25th was the whole thing, actually it was nothing, and to remove every other single part of the corrupted system is harder than Mubarak himself !

    1-SCAF Should go down with their gang rape fetishes, where are we?? Japan ??, Girls are Humans, not Hymens!

    2-Ikhwan/Salafi/Christian Religion shit whatsoever should go down, this is a country, religion can't run a country, why don't you go back and run your fucking mosques right in the first place, I throw up when i smell the dirty feet there !

    3-The Silent majority have no voice, They're actually a Minority when it comes to humanity. Animals have it better than you guys, try to hurt a dog and watch him fight back.

    4-The Egyptians need to man up a little, they need to stop following their stupid heart and think for their fucking selves instead of following some other leader, you have a mind, USE IT, go out see your evidence and take a side, you don't need to listen to an idiot like Tawfeek Okasha cause he's on TV !, you don't need to believe El-Baradei cause he's on TV either, Why don't you read each of their histories on your own and come to a conclusion instead of "sharing and liking" posts that are shit ??

  2. Farah, it's amazing how you reminded us in that article of what's happening, and what will keep happening while the freakin SCAF in power. I was just hoping you can propose something we can do. I honestly feel helpless.

    - The SCAF would do whatever they want, they have absolute power, they are legitamte, and unfortuantly may be 80% of our people support them.

    - You would be shocked when you hear how people think about SCAF, for god sake i met some people Telling me that libyeans were idiots for making there revolution, coz they were already rich..... so what do you think they would do for SCAF.
    - We are busting our asses so they can let us vote from abroad, and its like they are deaf!!

    I really wish some one can propose what can we do? a revolution against SCAF?? I really don't know. Can we for example set a date for the presidency elections and set a deadline for the SCAF to respond, and threaten that we are going to conquer tahrir square and settle !!! but you will find many many others opposing you.

    Its amazing what you wrote, It felt me with rage, but we just need to know how to use it.

  3. It's an absolutly amazing and sincere letter as much as thse facts are shameful but i believe we're far long from change. These people should (SCAF or military or whatever) have mercy on this country and put it and its youth first for once in history.If I'm going to be a part of this change I'll start with myself first and rebel on what patronizes this country and its people.

  4. Well, the one thing I CAN propose for us to do is to share these facts with the "silent majority" which grew a lot more larger since the first 18 days of the revolution.. We have lost a lot of supporters because SCAF uses the media to manipulate people's minds making it seem that those "revolting" until today are troublemakers and hiding all their violations from the public eye fa at the end those still fighting actually do seem like a bunch of maniacs.. the biggest fight is winning back those people... once we do they will take the initiative and join us and Tahrir on Friday will not be as empty as it is...

    Of course SCAF will never take us seriously as long as 5000 ppl only show up every friday to demand set dates for the transitional periods, of course SCAF will not care that only 5000 people are pissed about civilians being detained in military prisons..

    The solution here is to directly talk to people anywhere you go.. I personally started today as simple as while running some errands in city stars I would talk to the guy on the register, the girl in the dressing room... ANYONE

    Just reach out to people, have them see the other side of the story and they will judge for themselves..

  5. If the SCAF, the Government and all the old regime members and supports think that they are fooling us, they are just fooling themselves, because no matter what happens now, the future is ours, and we will win...

    "He who laughs last, laughs best"