Friday, September 9, 2011

Female Insomniac Rant

I'm so angry it took me fifteen minutes to figure out what this line should be. And voila..

I really don't get those who make promises they can't keep! I mean if you can't handle something then maybe you shouldn't have gotten yourself into it to begin with right? Why waste everyone's time, efforts and drain them of emotions that could've been saved for someone who's more worthy?

Relationships don't always work. I know. Lovers breakup and friendships die. But the way I see it, a relationship that ends was never real to begin with. If it was, it would still exist, because neither of you would let it die down.

Its the time I lost that hurts me the most. All the lost opportunities. And the painful realization that it all went for nothing.

Then you start hiding behind all those walls you build and you start running into dark corners. Not knowing when you'll be coming out is THE biggest pain in the ass.

Girls are complicated.. I'm as complicated as it gets. I know...


  1. You are finally discovering the way men see relationships; not like you imagined. Men see relationships as temporary and when they end, men have no problem getting into another one. It sucks.

  2. yes you are right i do agree with you .Man have different perception of relation .

    Can not read your Arabic posts. Anyway,love your blog.

    Follow each other .