Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reality Check

Sometimes its incredulously insane for me to grasp the magnitude of the Egyptian revolution. It might be in part because for me the revolution was a series of tweets and YouTube videos... but also because the immensity of the situation we're in is far too grave for me to deal with.

Prior to January 25th I was a 100% against the revolution. I was one of those who deemed it a suicide mission that is bound to fail. Needless to say after watching the masses flood the streets of Cairo, Suez, Alexandria and other cities chanting the ever famous "Ta3'yeer, 7oreya, 3adala Egtema3eya" (Change, Freedom, Social Equality) I became quite positive that Egyptians are on to something. I was a wee bit more hopeful that maybe... Just maybe and I allowed myself to dream.. that we can do it!

Bravely and persistently my people fought and came through. But now that the fight is over and the smoke has cleared and while the majority have turned their backs thinking we won... It frightens me that I can still see the lingering shadows of darkness refusing to cave in to our will and freedom. 

That was merely the first round. Mubarak has stepped down, some of his front men were sacrificed in the process but the system and the corruption manifests beyond we ever assessed or thought. Round two is bound to be more vicious whether we plan to admit that or not.

Tahrir Square is no longer the Utopia we drew it to be. We are no longer one like before. "They" have infiltrated our "ranks" if you may. We keep looking out for violence and midnight crackdowns but for some inexplicable reason I don't see them happening. The defeat if we allow it to take place will come from within. While we are busy bickering about ideologies in some odd power struggle over the square and how it should be... they are getting to learn our weaknesses and creeping deeper within us, taking advantage of signs of internal divisions and lack of trust between us.

Revolutionaries who dedicated themselves to this cause are all honorable men and women... Rather heros. There is no right or wrong here but only different priorities and perspectives. In no way do I doubt anyone's faithfulness to the revolution. But I only doubt our capability and readiness to go through this second round. Not because we're a few, as we're many. Not because we're not dedicated, as we're passionate. But mainly because I'm a firm believer in this saying: "United we stand, Divided we fall."

The longer it takes us to realize that and find it in our hearts to stand together, the more time they get to prey on our vulnerability. It is time to forget all the differences and disagreements and to stop eyeing one another with suspicion. It is time for the revolution to continue...


  1. I couldnt agree with you more...point for point. Here in the US we know you are in for another huge battle that you have yet to experience. Take it from a country who knows,...we know they infiltrate from within and turn heros for a good cause against each other and the result is an epic fail...followed by huge disappointment because all that hard work went to waste. Note.... be aware of the time around your elections.

  2. Mohamed ShabrawyJuly 16, 2011 at 4:59 AM

    without a leader people will never unit and since i'm also a big believer in the saying "United we stand, Divided we fall." then i'm waiting for the fall and we must admit that sooner or later it's coming or to be more realistic we are already falling ya fara7 we7na mesh wa7'deen balnah!!