Monday, May 9, 2011

حسن و مرقس.. الكواليس

Yet another blog post about sectarian violence in Egypt! It is becoming more and more redundant by the minute! 

I will get straight to the point. I will not lie to you my dear imaginary readers, sectarian HATE ( Yes I did not say tension I said HATE) exists in our beloved country. We have muslims who hate christians (for no apparent reason) and christians who hate muslims (also for no apparent reason). 

In an attempt to be objective I will give u two examples: 

1- I know muslims who flat out said it to my face at some point of our relation "I hate christians" ... needless to say my respect to them is non existent (if you are reading this blog u know who u are & u're free to never speak 2 me again)

2- I know a christian tutor who charges muslims students more than she charges christians.

This has long existed since before I was born 23 years ago so please lets give each other's minds the respect we deserve and not blame what happened in Imbaba on the "Counter revolution" or "Israel" or  "The ex regime" or "Amn el dawla" (Secret service).  Salafism is innocent from those who would commit such acts of civilian murder and who falsely label themselves as salafists. This unexplained hatred has existed since before those extremists had the floor to themselves and were allowed the space to act and destruct.

I honestly don't have a solution to get us rid of the monster about to step over our revolution and crush all its success into pieces.. but I can only ask a few questions that might lead to some answer.. one day! 

A- Who benefits from creating such chaos by bringing out the genie of sectarian tension?
B- Why is the military council meeting with extremist "Sheikhs" like Sheikh Zoghby? WATCH VIDEO
C- Why is the army prosecuting peaceful protesters & bloggers in 3 days but failing 2 find the instigators of this incident?
D- Why haven't Essawy the Minister of Interior & Tantawi the Commander in Chief of the Army not submit their resignation after they failed in protecting the 9 civilians who died and the 150 injured?
E- Where is the police and when are they going back to the job they are being paid for in spite of not doing?
F- Why didn't the military council MAKE Kamilia Shehata submit to the order she received to show up at the General Attorney? 
G- Why is the law prohibiting protests being enforced on protestors when it is in objection to the army but not to those "Salafists" when they either want Kamilia, Abeer or are miserable about what happened to Osama Bin Laden?
H- Why are we allowing for Egyptians to live in their own country with fear & treated like second class citizens? 

Please.. if you have answers to any of these questions feel free to answer them in the comment section! The sooner we admit to the problem, the sooner we'll be able to fix it!

من عهد م القرآن هبط
نزل هنا عمرو ...وربط
بينا ، وبينكم ياقبط
عهود - وداد متســـجلـّه

أبونا ناسب بسخروس
وإسم خالي جرجيوس
وجد أمي فلتاؤوس
وانا إسمي طه أبو العــــلا

بيرم التونسي  

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  1. i totally agreee with you and here we are making a new monster ( SALAFIST )like we did with the (MBH)which many ppl found that they are not devils the main problem with the salafist is that they are not well known council like MBH any one can call him self a salafist just because he has a beard and wearing galabia
    the answer of the question:
    A: many ppl and isreal is one of them cuz the new political way egypt is taking which 100% against their safety
    B:he is totally liar i dont think that this happen his talking is non scence and i prefer not to cal him shiekh cuz he dont know the primary bases of islam relgion
    C & D:answer my quesition i asked u before if the army is involved u will not say heey lookwhat they are doing they are undemocratic they banned the ppl
    E:the police they are now like the army in 67
    they are rebuilding a new system since they work for more than 40 years in how to charge ppl for any crime not doing investigtion
    F: u canask the church why Kamilia is on air in more than 5 channels but her place is unknown for investigation
    H: thier is always a second class ( minority ) like what happen for arab and muslims in europe and USA and this is totally refused it's not in egypt only