Monday, March 21, 2011

وحياتك لافضل أغير فيكي لحد ما ترضي عليه

Yesterday the referendum on the constitutional changes took place and the results came out as 77% yes to 22% no with a participation rate of 41% of all the eligible voters.

These numbers portray many things. First of all it showed us that one of our many opponents inside our own country is ignorance. Also another opponent is political awareness illiteracy. Of course these two major issues can be traced back to the 30 glorious years Egypt has spent under Mubarak. He worked his ass off in fact its the ONLY thing he ever did with dedication to make sure the majority has no clue about anything that goes on in the country and to be like a herd pushed around by their shepherd.

Before you jump up my ass I do not mean that ALL those who voted Yes are ignorant illiterate easily manipulated persons. There were voters who were a 100% convinced that this is the right thing to do and for extremely valid points and that is perfectly acceptable and rightful. I am talking about the grassroots masses who were manipulated by Jihadists, Salafis & Muslim Brotherhood into thinking this is a war against Islam and if you vote Yes you will be aiding Islam. I know now that they merely took advantage of a card in their hand to steer things in their way but to be honest I just cant say that the end justifies the means.

And like I criticized these actions I also am not a fan of the no voters who tried pressuring yes voters by scaring them from extremism by using the Iranian/Afghani examples. Not only that this is politically incorrect as nothing that is going on in Egypt right now will by any means lead to these scenarios but it is also ethically wrong.

What should've been done and what also NEEDS to be our main focus right now is to educate the people. Tell them the WHOLE TRUTH. Make sure thy fully understand all the pros and cons of the situation as it is and let them judge. Unfortunately I'm outside of Egypt currently but had I been home I would've started a massive campaign with the help of all my dedicated passionate friends and even twitter acquaintances to educate that ignorant majority that believed that saying YES to an invalid unfair constitution means a "win" for Islam.

I am just SICK of people using the name of my religion for their personal gains. SICK to my stomach of it. Whether its Bush wanting oil and calling us all terrorists and waging "crusades" against us or the Islamists who want political power and utilize the name of Allah in doing so. It's just WRONG and it has to stop.

This is what we have to do, we need to reach out to the ENTIRE country. We need to utilize the media people who we know are on our side in order to help us do that. Let's find the specialists who are willing to give lectures all over Egypt zanga zanga beet beet dar dar!! The forming of political parties needs to be done with the supervision of those people who know how politics work. We need to think and act like our "enemy" does and be a step ahead at all times. This will require A LOT of training, volunteer work, preparation and patience. I know what I am saying sounds vague but if you like the sound of it you can consider it sort of a guideline or a brainstorming session that you can pick up on and continue. Most importantly we need to do this UNITED. Work together for one goal and that is a better Egypt.

We can't by any means let the Muslim Brotherhood have all the space they need inside the Parliament. Our representatives need to be more at all costs. They claim they wont target presidency... but who trusts them or believes them? They twist Gods words for their personal gains.. what makes their word trustworthy? And then God knows what will happen if they ever reach presidency...

To be honest, I always said that I dont mind the MB & that Mubarak never gave them the chance 2 show us what they're all about and therefore we can't judge them and I wasn't even opposed to them heading a government. I used to argue saying "they're not stupid, they won't go to extreme measures it won't turn into a Wahhabi rule" however after they got their chance to perform without Mubarak's iron fist.. I take it all back. I want a president who convinces me with a rational argument to vote for him and not a president who scares me into it. Mixing religion and politics will never work. Khalas.. it just won't. If they force it, we will end up losing politics and losing religion.

On another note (last thing I will say) I need to point your attention to a few facts, eye openers as to what the Egyptian society has currently reached.

A few weeks ago Aboud El Zomor assassin of late president Sadat was released. He is being treated as a hero who returned from exile. Given way too much media attention and congratulated for finally being freed. He was allowed to go on national TV to say that he is convinced that killing Sadat is religiously acceptable and that it was the right thing to do.

On the other hand Dr. Mohamed El Baradie, Noble Peace prize winner was assaulted as he went to cast his vote along with his family. The army "mysteriously" disappeared from the polling station right before he arrived. People were throwing rocks at him and he was treated as if he is responsible for everything that went wrong.

Yesterday Wael El Komy one of the Secret Service heads in Alexandria who is responsible for most of the torture cases that happened in that city was released along with his assistants or lower level policemen who worked with him.

Around 4 weeks ago Amr El Beheiry a young protestor was detained as he stood up against the injustice and army offenses.. he was subjected to military court and sentenced to five years.

لم نجتريء أن نرفع العيون نحوه
لم نجتريء أن نرفع العيون
نحو عارنا المميت
أمل دنقل 

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