Sunday, February 6, 2011

إسلمي يا مصر انني الفدا

It's day 13 of the "Egyptian Revolution". I believe it is dragging quite slowly right now but that is normal. We reached the climax and now we're going down slowly closing up on achieving our goals that are also still somehow unclear. I will not go into that right now as i'm writing this post solely to celebrate some people who have presented the most precious possession they had to this revolution... their lives.

I have been hearing death tolls. But I have not heard names or seen faces. This kind of made it more of statistics for me, not really a tragedy. They were only figures in a newspaper and not real people who belong to families and friends. Until 20 minutes ago..

It breaks my heart to a point I feel like yelling my lungs out of frustration that some people or actually a lot of people.. are making fun of those in Tahrir calling them "Mooled" (Arabic for festival). I have also read comments that made fun of those who lost their lives. There were also comments of those saying "People in Tahrir your presence is unwanted & you do not represent us."

In the light of a revolution seeking democracy I am obliged by my conscious to accept their opinions regardless how stupid they are. (Now I understand why Americans have to put up with someone like Sarah Palin..) However! What I will not stand for is the idea of anyone disrespecting those who died in Tahrir square, those who willingly took the risk of going, endangering their lives whilst they expressed our entire nation's frustration (yes hypocrites! yes... you too at some point complained about Mubarak's rotten regime) and ended up dying in the process. I will not stand for those who ridicule the presence of people in Tahrir NOW as they continue to put their lives on the line so that they can push for more change than we have reached already and ensure that the government knows that we meant business.

I saw pictures of some of the martyrs.. As I clicked on that link I prayed to God inside my head that I would not find a face that I recognized. However, even though I have never had the honor of meeting any of them, I felt like I've seen them before. They could so easily be my brother, sister, friend or cousin.   That's because they're Egyptian.

My dear imaginary readers... Please take a minute of your time and pray for those who lost their lives on the hands of the Mubarak regime that ceases to even apologize for the loss of lives they have caused.

Let us not forget the goal they have died for us to achieve and let us not let go of the dream:

الحرية... ذلك التاج الذي يضعه الانسان على رأسه ليصبح جديراً بإنسانيته
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  1. Rabena yer7amhom w ye7arana ya rab..." ان الله لا يضيع اجر من احسن عملا"

  2. I wish you success, and safety for all in Tahrir and throughout Egypt. I'm not a praying person, but you're all in my thoughts. Anyone that gives his life for freedom gives her life for all mankind, and will not be forgotten.

  3. Thanks Ben! Just having them in your thoughts is more than we can ask for! Your care is much appreciated!

  4. Ya Farah, we all owe you at Tahrir a lot. Please tell them that the bright future that awaits Egyptian children is because of what they have done. Rabbena yehmeeko ya Rab. "Khaled" [A friend of your Mom's]

  5. Hey! Thanks a lot.. but unfortunately I'm not one of those in Tahrir :) I'm just standing up for them as they're busy standing up for the entire country.. Thank you though =)

  6. Thank you for this post! It always feels good to be in the presence of respect!
    I too get very upset when people make fun of Ta7rir protesters now; I even heard several times the sentence "a7san e7na far7aneen feehom khaleehom kda wa2feen w ma7adesh m3abarhom" and my blood boiled! You fools....if it weren't for them none of this would have started, just because you don't support them and you settle for less; this does NOT give you the right to make fun of them.
    I will eternally be grateful for those who stand up for our freedom. They gave our lives so that we can live. Rabena yer7amhom gamee3an...ya RAB.

  7. Exactly ya Rana.. u summed it up.. I might just delete the blog post and put ur comment instead :D